TabuMania Taboo Game Charades App Reviews

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Sit his app says its rated for ages 4+ but one of the words was SEX and the words not allowed included penis, Vagina and condom. How is this appropriate? Also there have been a bunch of glitches in the app. Like all of the sudden the time goes to 2 minutes instead of 90 seconds. There have also been words that are not even English included in the deck. Not sure how this made it to 4.6 stars.

Big unfair flaw

I was playing this with my husband and he pointed out that I as team A get to go first AND for some reason they get a lot extra time. Makes it super unfair for team B

Discrimination against religions

I just came across one of the cards and under the word ‘terrorist’ it was Islam. This needs to be removed IMMEDIATELY because as you’ll be able to find in history and present stories, the number of non coloured terrorists in the USA far exceed the number of Muslim terrorists.



D-Lady baby hicks

I luh dis game. Me an ma boo be eatin CHIKin playin dis shot all dah time. #freebae #lockedup #innocent

The associated words make no sense

This game is discriminatory, one of the words to guess was Hoodie and the key word was Thug. I am not sure what is the association is between Hoodie and Thug. This game will definitely be deleted.

Good but bad

The game was good but the ads were scary. My little cousin will now have nightmares because of these certain ads.


Great game but there are a lot of spelling errors and it hurts the game quite a bit. Still ridiculously fun and free so it gets 4 stars!

Great app

Amazing. So much fun


This game is a very fun family game. We love to play this at parties. It is the highlight of our afternoon.

The high ratings are from bots

This is actually not terrible as a game, but it suffers from misspellings and questionable ads. I’m just annoyed that ratings mean next to nothing thanks to these 5-star spammers.

Porn on ads!!!

My kids and I LOVED this game and played it all the time, but I just deleted it off my phone. One of the ads that came up between rounds was borderline pornographic!! A lady without a bra holding her breasts in her hands!! Seriously? This makes me sick. I’m just thankful I’m the one who saw it and not my little boys. Yuck. Very disappointed.

Great game, missing options

Many words and keeps track of everything for you. Makes playing the game quick and easy to play on the fly. Double time rule happens at multiples of 3 (rounds? Not really clear) and often lands on the same team, and there’s nothing you can do about this rule. Wish we could disable it. Could work around by just letting time time run out I guess. Single person answer rule (also on multiples of 3) is almost always unnoticed or ignored. Anyway, This also usually handicaps the team that DID NOT have double time.... It’s just a game though, so don’t yell at your friends.


What happened to the volume on the app ?

Best free taboo game

This game has many words and is free to use. Best game app to play while traveling where you don’t have to carry any of the game material as this app has every thing

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